Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mini Golf

ProProfs Mini-Golf lets you enjoy all the fun of miniature golf without leaving home. Complete nine holes of min-golf with as few shots as possible and enjoy a place in the winners circle.
Click on start with your mouse and cursor to begin
Use mouse to aim ball, then click the mouse button to hit the ball in that direction.
The further back you draw your mouse before hitting the ball, the further it will go.
Look out for inclines, walls, and other obstacles.
Complete nine holes with as few strokes as possible to earn the highest score.

Maze Race

Click on start with mouse and cursor to begin the game.
Direct your green ball to the flag using the arrow keys. Holding them down will make your ball travel farther in one move.
Find the shortest path and outrun the red ball. You win if you reach the flag first. Look out for walls that block your path!
The further distance the red ball is from the flag when you reach the flag, the more points you will get.
If the red ball gets to the flag first, your game is over!